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Work has Begun!

What started out as a bad smell in a back storage room, quickly became a water damage issue. Thanks to good sleuthing by several parishioners, we were able to get a handle on it quickly. 

Clearing out the perimeter drainage helped a lot with the musty smell that permeates the whole building. We'll have to make regular cleanings part of our building maintenance routine.

The exterior walls of the Hall were rated for about 25 years. We've gotten about 30 out of them. Hat tip to whomever originally spec'd out the building materials all those years ago. This is what good stewardship looks like. We get to be such good stewards with our resources for future generations just like that. Many thanks to everyone who's helped us make good choices.

When we return to regular building use, you'll get to see how well everything has been kept. There's a lot to do to maintain an old building, but there's a lot of love here that makes it a special blessing. If the sanctuary could talk, I'm sure it would say thank you, and probably something like, "when are you coming home?"

I look forward to celebrating all our blessings together in September.