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This year, we will be able to enjoy an in-person Christmas Eve service. Given that we're still in a pandemic, with a troubling variant, we've made some adjustments to what our service will be based on an abundance of caution.

In order to welcome worshippers at 100% of our capacity, we will be allowing only fully vaccinated people into the building. This means worshippers will need to show their vaccination passports along with a photo ID to enter the building. Our capacity is 65 people in the congregation. Plan to arrive early to ensure a seat for you and your family.

Face coverings will also be required the entire time you are indoors. Plastic face shields are not acceptable. N95 masks are preferred if possible. Fresh masks are available for you if needed. We invite you to offer as much physical distance as you can with other worshippers. Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the building.

The 7p Christmas Eve service will include festive music. We understand that singing with a mandatory mask that covers your nose and mouth can make singing challenging, and we thank you for your understanding and patience.

It is our hope that the celebration of the birth of Jesus will embody his teaching about loving our neighbours and caring for strangers. We look forward to welcoming you to our Christmas Eve service.


Image credit: Nativity scene made from disposable medical masks, 2021. Creator unknown.