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Flower Calendar works as follow:

     1. Select a Sunday you'd like to offer flowers. The calendar is hanging in the Lounge. If you can't get here to pick a day, please reach out to Trudy at 604-463-5733 or

     2. Indicate your preferences for whom or for what the flowers are being offered, and for colour and/or type of flower. Make sure Trudy has correct spellings. 

     3. Send in your donation.

     4. Get the flowers. You have 3 options:

          a. Let Altar Guild members pick up the flowers for you

          b. Arrange for your preferred florist to deliver on the Friday before, between 10am - 2pm.

          c. Drop the flowers off yourself on the Friday before, between 10 am - 2pm.


Please be aware that we anticipate strains on the supply chain to impact flowers. We may not be able to get the exact colour and type you request. We'll all do our best, and we ask for your patience going forward.