Congratulations Janet Coghlan
2022 Order of the Diocese of New Westminster inductee

Janet Coghlan is by nature a selfless person. Her genuine care for others has been a hallmark of her life. In her service to St. John the Divine, Janet has been instrumental in supporting the growth and development of the parish community. She cares deeply about her congregation, generously sharing her time, gifts, and talents in a variety of ministries. She is reliable, honest, kind, and wise. It is our great joy to recognize Janet’s remarkable service to the Church.


"Has an enthusiastic inspiring priest and friendly hardworking parishioners who welcome you."

-Valerie McCaffrey

"The service was wonderful. I really enjoyed the sermon. It was filled with hope and encouragement. We are so fortunate to be part of this loving supportive church family."

-Bonnie Allan

"I heard very positive comments from one of the church's neighbours about the bells. Keep them ringing!"

-Nathan Mah