Lent Study: Holy Week through a contemporary oratorio
A FREE 6-session course to guide our meditations through Lent

Each session lasts about an hour. We'll meet weekly on Zoom, Thursdays from 4-5(ish)pm, beginning on Thursday, 15 February. Information goes out on Wednesday the 14th, so let us know you'll be joining us so you don't miss anything.

Lent & Holy Week
Sunday services in Lent are at 10am - Palm Sunday 10am - Maundy Thursday noon - Good Friday noon - Easter Sunday 10am

Why visit St. John the Divine?

"Has an enthusiastic inspiring priest and friendly hardworking parishioners who welcome you."

-Valerie McCaffrey

"The service was wonderful. I really enjoyed the sermon. It was filled with hope and encouragement. We are so fortunate to be part of this loving supportive church family."

-Bonnie Allan

"I heard very positive comments from one of the church's neighbours about the bells. Keep them ringing!"

-Nathan Mah