Happy Easter!
Worship via Zoom at 10a TODAY Living into the promise of Christ's resurrection from here on out.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Lent and Holy Week a success.

Because of you, we remain a strong and faithful community of Jesus' disciples. 

Soon we will gather again, to continue in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, and in the breaking of bread. Until then, please continue to be safe and stay healthy, so we can celebrate to the fullest as soon as possible.

The Peace of the Lord be always with you.

Notice of Diocesan Synod 2021
In accordance with Article 2 of the Constitution, the Bishop summons the Synod of the Diocese of New Westminster to meet on Saturday, May 15th from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm. by videoconference. Synod will begin with Morning Prayer and the Bishop’s Address.

Further details to follow.

Easter Egg Hunt

Join us for a virtual Easter egg hunt on our website. Find as many as you can. Have fun! :)

Most Sunday worship services will be held virtually using the ZOOM platform at 10:00am.

Remember to set your clocks forward by one hour this Saturday March 13th, as we Spring forward at 2am on Sunday March 14th

 The following changes are in effect until further notice...

•All renters & user groups have been suspended with the exception of 5678 Dance •

•Tuesday 9-11a casual, distanced fellowship suspended  •

•Men’s Meetup in-person suspended *zoom meet-up available •

•Office visits by appointment Mon & Tues 10a-2p. Please phone or email the office or Rev. Laurel •

Click How To Connect to contact our office with your email, and a link to join the service will be sent to you.

Click News, Schedule & Updates for more detailed information on in-person worship.


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"Has an enthusiastic inspiring priest and friendly hardworking parishioners who welcome you."

-Valerie McCaffrey

"The service was wonderful. I really enjoyed the sermon. It was filled with hope and encouragement. We are so fortunate to be part of this loving supportive church family."

-Bonnie Allan

"I heard very positive comments from one of the church's neighbours about the bells. Keep them ringing!"

-Nathan Mah