Happy Autumn!

Our parish plays an active roll in our neighbourhood. Find out what we're up to on the pages of our site. There are lots of ways to welcome guests and visitors to our parish activities. Community members are invited to learn more about St. John the Divine.

Being Community in a Pandemic
Most Sunday worship services will be held virtually using the ZOOM platform at 10:00am.

Twice per month, we will meet in person to worship in the hall, this space is larger than the sanctuary and allows us to seat up to 30 people six feet apart. For those who feel comfortable meeting in person, we look forward to worshipping with you and for those who would rather worship online, we look forward to worshipping with you using the zoom platform.

The schedule is outlined with in-person and zoom services, if you have any questions please phone or email the parish administrator.

Click How To Connect to contact our office with your email, and a link to join the service will be sent to you.

Click News, Schedule & Updates for more detailed information on in-person worship.




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"Has an enthusiastic inspiring priest and friendly hardworking parishioners who welcome you."

-Valerie McCaffrey

"The service was wonderful. I really enjoyed the sermon. It was filled with hope and encouragement. We are so fortunate to be part of this loving supportive church family."

-Bonnie Allan

"I heard very positive comments from one of the church's neighbours about the bells. Keep them ringing!"

-Nathan Mah