Procedures for in-person gatherings

Phase III - In-person Holy Eucharist  

1.    What is your plan for introducing and managing Holy Eucharist (should you choose to do so in Phase III), paying particular attention to sanitization and physical distancing?

  • We plan to continue with rigorous sanitization & distancing plans from Phase II
  • No procession
  • No singing – instrumental music only
  • No-contact greetings
  • Only the Priest will be in the altar space of the Parish Hall – no server
  • Ceremonial hand washing updated to use hand sanitizer
  • One large host and a single-serving amount of wine will be on the altar
  • Smaller paten with wafers for the congregation will be placed outside the area where exhaled droplets may fall
  • After consecration, the Priest will consume the large host and the wine
  • Hand sanitizer again, surgical gloves & mask donned
  • Communicants will follow a distanced circular route to receive communion one at a time
  • Communicants will hand sanitize prior to receiving
  • Communion in wafer alone Priest/communicant dialog will happen at a 2m distance, both masked, then communicant will receive
  • After receiving a wafer, those receiving communion return to their seats using the designated path. Once back in their seats, they remove their masks, consume the wafer, then put their masks back on.
  • Congregants who come for a blessing must also be masked (unless the person is an infant who cannot be masked). All blessings will be distanced and non-contact.
  • Designated/trained volunteers clean Hall, and common areas after worship with sanitization kits & checklists 

Phase III - User Groups and Rentals  

2.    What is your plan in Phase III for re-opening the building to any user groups?

  • Group sizes in compliance with BCCDC guidelines and submit their compliance plan to the parish office prior to arrival
  • Sanitizing expectations plans are made clear prior to arrival Sanitizing kits and checklists made available for groups to use prior to exiting
  • Film production agreements designate a more comprehensive cleaning/sanitization protocol using BCCDC industry guidelines
  • Food/beverage items will be brought from home and not shared
  • Use of ceramic cups, plates, utensils, etc. prohibited. In-house prepared beverages may be poured into personal drinkware  

3.    What is your plan in Phase III for re-opening the building to rentals?

  • Group sizes in compliance with BCCDC guidelines and the capacities of our available spaces
  • User groups must present cleaning protocols their organizations currently use for approval prior to arrival
  • Expectations for group sizes and sanitizing plans are now part of agreements
  • Tenant waiver/Indemnity forms signed prior to entering a rental agreement
BC CDC Information for Faith Communities